When was alcohol invented

Different alcohol was invented different time in different nations. The newest archaeological excavations showing that alcohol was already used 7000BC. Here is a short and accurate answer when was alcohol invented:

In Ancient Greece most known as Hellenic peninsula or republican mead was very popular in 2000 B.C. It was made from water and honey. After few centuries in 1700 B.C. wine became most popular and took common place in Ancient Greece. It was used cold and hot, natural or with water, spiced or without any spice. Citizens who didn’t drink were considered as barbarians.

In Mesopotamia area Babylonian alcoholic drinks were beer and wine. Dates of archeological excavations reach 2700 B.C. Although Babylon was founded only in 1885 BC there were already living Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians. Archeological diggings specify that exactly in Babylon these alcoholic beverages were used.

Archeological evidence in India showing that Indus valley civilization was drinking alcoholic beverages 3000 B.C. Such drink as “Sura” was most favorite Indian alcoholic drink. It was made from sugar cane, rice, grapes and wheat. Also “Sura” could be made from other fruits. In Hindu Sanskrit there are written that this drink is as medicine and could be poison if used in moderation.

Ancient Egyptians were making 3 hundred gallons of beer each day. Also they were making wine. For them alcoholic drinks were important beverages as they had a lot of rituals in which they offered these drinks to their gods. For example Shezmu was one of Egyptian red wine gods. Evidence when was alcohol invented in Egypt reach 3400 BC.

Persians was the other nation who invented alcohol 5400 BC. Thanks to archeologist Mary M. Voigt there was excavated jars which once were filled with wine. Few 9 liters jars were founded in Zagros Mountains of present Iran which 7400 years ago was Persia.

Ancient Chinese were making rice mead already 7000 BC. They were fermenting fruits, rice and honey to get such alcoholic drink. 9000 year old jars founded near Euphrates and Tigris rivers are the oldest found evidence of when was alcohol invented.

All the information written above was taken mostly from Wikipedia and is not fancy. If you are interesting in writer decision who invented alcohol you can go and read about it.

When was alcohol invented

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