Who invented fireworks?

Fireworks today are used for many events and festivals, such as birthdays, weddings, New Year’s celebrations and many others. In fact, there are some festivals which are specifically focused on fireworks. Thus, a question remains – who invented fireworks. There is a common belief that fireworks were invented in China more than 2 thousand years ago. However, records do not specify who was that particular person who invented them. There is also one legend in China, which says that there was a Chinese cook who left some saltpeter in the fire accidentally and the result of it was a different flame. That was the first firework. Thus, this idea was caught up by other people, who started to create fireworks using the mixture of charcoal, gunpowder and Sulfur.

who invented fireworks
who invented fireworks

There is another belief that says that actually it was a Chinese monk named Liu Yang of Hunan Province who invented fireworks. He made them in a following way: putting gunpowder in bamboo tubes, and the result of it was a bursting sound. The main purpose of this invention was to use it during New Years in order to frighten evil spirits and keep them away.

Who invented fireworks

From China, the idea of fireworks spread to Europe. Travelers and explorers were the ones who took this idea when they traveled to China. One of such scientists was Marco Polo. However, the Europeans used fireworks for quite different reasons at first. By them, fireworks were used in military science for manufacturing and developing cannons. It was the Italians, who are regarded as the ones who produced the first type of colorful fireworks which were shot up and lit the sky.

Today, this kind of fireworks is used in many festivals and events, such as New Years and birthdays. Fireworks soon evolved into an art and people who practiced it were called masters of fireworks. Moreover, in some places they are also known as green men, wild men and fire masters. Soon, fireworks became an inseparable part of many celebrations and they are used up until today to light up the sky on many occasions. Today’s fireworks are still somewhat similar to the fireworks from the past, but the main difference is that the current fireworks are more colorful, brighter, prettier and more decorative. The purpose to use them has also slightly changed. As today they are mostly used as a decorative means. Furthermore, today’s fireworks produce less air pollution controlling on smoke and fumes.

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