Who invented ice cream

Persians were the first people who invented ice cream. In about 400 BC they were keeping snow in their built underground chambers called “yakhchals”. The other way to get snow in the summer was to take it from the high mountains there the snow has remained in their capital Ecbatana.

Next nation who invented ice cream were Chinese. It is known that China start to frozen their mix of rice and milk in 200 BC. They might be the first nation who invented a device which make ice cream.

In the beginning of A.D. Roman Emperors also started to bring snow from the mountains and marge it with the fruits to make delicacies.

Asia starts to bring snow from the mountains in 16th century.

In Europe ice cream recipe was brought from Italy also in 16th century.

In North America ice cream recipes were brought with colonists in 17th century.

Before invention of the refrigerator ponds and lakes ice was cut and stored in deep ground holes.

Who invented ice cream

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